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Paresis Of Facial Nerve

February 21, 2012

Yesterday I visited a very good doctor. I was diagnosed with paresis of facial nerve. The left side of my face is paralyzed. That means I can’t close my eye properly, I don’t have wrinkles anymore, food and water are trying to escape from my mouth (my paralysis makes it so easy), I can’t smile or talk like before, not even kiss my baby  and all of this on the left side of my face. It’s pretty weird! At first people think I do it in purpose…unfortunately I’m not!

Can you see how my left side denies to move?

What people said about my face:

My mum: Ooh please keep it for Halloween!!! (we don’t actually have Halloween in Greece, but some other kind of dressing up tradition before spring)

My brother: You talk like Sylvester Stallone!!!

My husband: He watches me all the time to see what I’m going to say and how, so he can mime me later!!!

My cousin Alice: Didn’t even notice!!! Still wondering why everybody’s teasing me!

A drunk old friend of my husband’s: 1.Don’t do this face to me lady! 2.You look like Stallone (yep I get a lot of that)!

How it feels to be like quasimodo? Not good! But as always I try to be optimistic. I laugh with the peoples’ jokes…to be honest it is funny.

Seems it was more serious than I thought. Well again I was lucky cause if I have left it and not start medication in the first 3 days since the symptoms started I would run the risk of a permanent mark. At least now it will be cured, it’s just takes a lot of time. I hope everything goes well!


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