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…And 3 Reasons Why It’s not!

February 22, 2012

After the 3 Reasons Why It’s Good to Have a Baby While You’re Young here comes the ‘negative’ side of being a parent at a young age!

1) Jealousy

Sometimes I have some lovely friends visiting. That’s something very special for me. It’s the break in my routine. It’s always going great when, as the sun falls bown, they begin to make calls to arrange what will do later. That’s when I realise that their visit here is just the starter and they plan about the main dish in front of me without counting me in! I feel my stomach burning. Jealousy! How much I want to go out and have some casual time with them, drink some beer, have a cigarette, talk, laugh, dance. Man I really miss that! For I moment a strong thought passes through my mind…why the hell did I have a baby??? STOP…FOCUS…it’s ok! It’s my decision to breastfeed, use attachment parenting method and other things that makes me not to able to leave my baby with my mother for example and go out and have some fun with friends. It’s my decision to offer him what I consider the best and it happens to be seriously demanding. All I have to do is stick with it and be patient. In two or three years ererything will be way easier for me and guess what I’ll be only 23. Just-be-patient (now exhale)!

2) Repression

We all know about those grown ups who have an appearance and/or do stuff that are not appropriate for their age. Speaking about appropriate I believe someone can do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t bother the people around him. So I have no problem about what someone wears, does or says as long as he respects me, my space and my property. But generally it’s nice to be able to do things that suit your age. If someone or something represses you, when you’ll find the chance, you’ll burst! That doesn’t seem right…right? As for me I hope everything ends up well. I really worry about this sometimes.

3) Social Environment

I think this is the worst! Generally I don’t care about what society says. But when you’re pregnant and the first after birth months are a little to veeeery emotional. Hormones are tricky man!! Back to me…during my pregnancy and after birth I heard two or three bad opinions about me having a baby. In normal days I would just pass it, but during my hormones’ crazy party, I felt horrible, cried and then passed it. Sounds easy? Well it wasn’t! It ruined my day! Well maybe having a baby at my age, in the Greece of crisis, without a serious income wasn’t the best idea. But having a baby rocks! Screw you people!


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