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21 Before 21…my Goals List!!!

March 7, 2012

This is a goal list I ‘d love to accomplish before my 21 birthday

1. Open my Etsy shop.

2. Get some blog readers.

3. Plan a vegan diet for me and the baby and become vegans. Done and I’m so excited about it!!!

4. Teach my mama to use internet.

5. Find a name for my son.

6. Have his name tattooed on me.

7. Visit my grandparents. Two times. The first one  was by accident and the second one was a planned one on Easter.

8. Start composting.

9. Stop cursing.

10. Start baby yoga.

11. Plant more fruits, vegetables and herbs in my yard.

12. Sew a mei tai.

13. Take my baby to the beach for the first time (I can’t wait). Done!

14. Buy a dehydrator.

15. Sew cloth diapers for baby monkey.

16. Print photos of the baby and give them to my family and friends.Done!

17. Sew clothes for me.

18. Start baby swimming.

19. Make a black and white collage of our family pictures and hang it on the wall.

20. Spend more time with Phillip.

21. Have a picnic.

I’m having my 21 birthday on july 13, less than 5 months. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to accomplish all of those goals until then. But, I hope my little monster will let me work on most of them.


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