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A trip!

March 25, 2012

I haven’t posted for such a long time. There’s so much going on around here lately. A little bit of planting, a little bit of reading, a little bit of sewing, a little bit of working out, plus some new things my baby does like touching his ear, crying to strangers, smiling all the time to mom and dad, and generally just being a sweetheart!

Yesterday was such a good day for me. Although, my baby was very grouchy and pretty much didn’t let me do anything, the rest of the day was so rewarding for me. He kept being kinda grouchy though. So, my mom, dad and brother had plans to go to a village, about 1 hour away from Athens, to attend a farmers’ meeting and talking about herbs (yep, my parents want to become farmers). I wanted to go out so much and that was my chance. We got in the car and took the way to the village. My sweetheart wanted to sleep but he couldn’t and we had a lot of crying. This was the first time he found it hard to sleep in the car…usually the car makes him sleepy even though he had no intention to sleep. When finally my breast helped him fall asleep, my dear mother accidentally putted her finger in my eye and I, unconsciously, screamed to get the pain out of my body. My scream woke up my baby, who never slept again. Oh dear! Our road trip wasn’t easy but, when crying wasn’t envolved, it was fun. For me at least.

When we got to the village, we found out that the meeting was cancelled. Seems, that the unacceptable human being who organized the whole thing didn’t mind to inform anyone. That was good. For me at least cause we decided to go visit my mother’s parents. Yeah more adventure for me! I was so happy! Two years have passed since I last visited them. Time runs so fast! Anyway, it was a short way to their village and guess what…we saw a ferret!!!

We got to their house. It was nice and warm as always. The lit fireplace, my lovely grandma sitted on the velvet couch with the crocheted throw(handmade by her), my grandpa sitted on his chair(handmade by him). Everything so simple. How much I love it there! We had dinner, we talked, took some pictures and took the way back home. I want to go back there as soon as possible…


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